On Chesil Beach

Marge and me on the infamously gravelly Chesil Beach, circa 2009. I have conspicuously non-grey hair and Marge, as always, wears a hat very well. I’m not sure whether it was before or afterwards she bought me the book, but Ian Mcewan was one of her favorite authors.

Original photo taken on self-timer with my long defunct Olympus XA. Photo of the photo taken just to see how Tri-X would turn out pushed two stops and developed in HC-110. Pleasingly, I would say.

Shot with Yashica Mat with rolleinar 2 / Kodak Tri-X @ 1600 / Developed HC-110 Dilution B


Marge Meets Virginia

We go to the Virginia Wolf exhibition in London
Nikon FE / Kodak Tmax 400 / Developed in Xtol 1+1

Marge in the Pulpit

St Mary-le-Bow, London
Olympus Trip 35 / Kodak Tmax 400 / Developed in Rodinal 1+99 for 60 minutes

Marge likes hats

Olympus Trip 35 / Kodak Tri-X / Developed in LC29 1+19

Leith Hill

Yashica Mat 124G / Fuji Neopan Acros 100 / Developed in D76 1+1


Pentax KM / Fuji Neopan Acros 100 / developed in D76 1+0