Square Up To Racism

These days:

My eyes aren’t good enough to set the controls without glasses, my brain isn’t sharp enough to promptly work out the exposure, and my fingers aren’t nimble enough to focus on a moving target.

But I don’t take the Mat out often enough and I’m very fond of the square format.

So if everyone could just hold it right there for a few more moments please…….and……..got it. Thanks.

Stand Up To Racism, March & Rally, London, 18 March 2017
Yashica Mat 124G / Kodak Tri-X / Developed in Rodinal 1+99 for 60 minutes B

2 thoughts on “Square Up To Racism

  1. Nice to see you about your blog again. Are TLRs really meant for moving subjects anyway? I suppose with practice anything is possible, but when I use one of my Yashica TLRs I find framing of static subjects to be challenging enough given the reverse view.

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