World Zombie Day 2016

It’s that time of year again when Londoners dress up as the undead and maraud through the streets raising money for homeless charity St Mungo’s.

This year, one zombie remarked to me, the chance to practice wandering through a post-apocalyptic wasteland was particularly important. With his decaying brain and rotten stench, Donald Trump still hasn’t completely obliterated his chances of becoming US President.

London, 08 October 2016
Nikon F90X / Kodak Tmax 400 / Developed in D76 1+1


7 thoughts on “World Zombie Day 2016

    1. Welcome back to you too Jim!

      For about half of these I asked the people, the rest were taken as I was dragged along in the crowd. Everybody puts a great deal of effort in to dressing up and so they are very happy to be photographed. And of course it’s a charity event, so the more publicity the better.

  1. What a great bunch of photos, Gerald.
    I have heard of this event, but never seen it. I might just as well jump on a plane, get a brick of HP5 or Tri-X and be ready in due time before next years happening 🙂
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. These are some awesome photos!
    Does the F90x get heavy to carry around when using for street photography?
    Seems like you use it a lot for that. 🙂

    1. Thanks Marti.

      I think the F90 is great for street photography. As it’s the only camera I own that’s autofocus, I tend to take it along to any event where things are going to be a bit hectic. It’s also very hardy and has taken lots of knocks and rain over the years without any ill effects. I use it with the Nikkor F/2.0 35mm lens (and occasionally a 50mm f/1.8) which is fantastic.

      Considering what they cost when they first came out in the 90s, they are practically being given away these days.

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