Panama Papers

Following the news that the Prime Minister’s family has benefited from some rather dodgy offshore tax arrangements, several thousand people marched on Downing Street to call for his resignation.

The release of the Pananma Papers has revealed that actually we’re not all in this together, much to the surprise of absolutely no one. Meanwhile, as many large companies routinely pay zero corporation tax, the Government continues to dismantle public services and welfare.

The UK is the fifth largest economy in the world (by GDP).

And yet:

Food bank use is at record levels

Children are going to school hungry

Disabled and vulnerable people are dying as a result of welfare reforms

Life isn’t fair and not everyone is created equally. That’s just the way things are. But I don’t see the point in society if we don’t have compassion for those less fortunate. And there’s nothing more destructive than a world without empathy.

Whitehall, London 10 April 2016
Nikon FE / Kodak Tmax 400 / Developed in 76 1+1

2 thoughts on “Panama Papers

  1. I generally choose not to fret over the news. But the Panama Papers are another bit of evidence that the rich are getting shockingly richer while the ranks of those whose incomes don’t quite cover bills is growing at a high rate. This is a recipe for revolution. I think our society is salvageable — good enough that it should be saved — if we can shrink this gap between the ultra-rich and the working class.

    1. Coincidentally, I thought your well-written post this morning was very relevant to this. However hard any of us may work, there’s always element of luck in any success we have. Or perhaps it’s better described as an absence of bad luck. There but for the grace of God……

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